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What Should Be Considered When Creating In-House Areas For Your Dogs?

   Köpekleriniz İçin Ev İçinde Alanlar Yaratırken Nelere Dikkat Edilmelidir?

Dogs are the most loyal and friendly ones between all pet kinds. The areas specially designed for dogs at home will increase the sense of its belonging and ownership.

Dogs always want to be closer to their owners. Therefore, positioning in a area where they will sleep close to their owners will create a more intimate environment for them. Like every creature, dogs have some personality traits. Some researches proves that every dog ​​spends more time in a certain area in the house. Some dogs want to sleep near the door, others may prefer to sleep in quieter places. Positioning its home or bed to a considering area will make your home more livable for them.

For the house or bed which you will buy for your dog, should be an object to be paid attention to the size of your dog that is easy to clean and has a washable cushion. The bed should not be too soft or too stiff. A wheeled bed alternative can be easier to move to the desired area. Whether you have a small or large dog, it is useful to open empty spaces where they can run and play comfortably in your home.

Your dog should be looked after in a clean and ventilated area and there mustn't be objects that will cause damage if it is eaten or swallowed. Also there should not be dangerous substances such as candles, air fresheners, chemicals, detergents in the living area. You should also keep your special bags and shoes that you care far away from the dogs area:)

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