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What Are The Important Points To Be Considered in Dog Care?

Like every living thing, dogs need to live and to be cared in good conditions. To achieve this, there are some factors such as good nutrition, cleanness of the area they live in, routine maintenance and physical exercise plays an important role. Not to follow these issues carefully and negligence can lead serious problems in both the health and psychology of the dog. So what are the things to be considered in dog care? Dog care is an issue that requires serious attention and importance. Especially the development and care process of puppies requires more care and effort. Health is an important factor to be considered for our little friends as for all of us. So what can we do for this?

1- For your dog's health, the feeders and water bowls should be ceramic or stainless steel. You should wash them every day in order to prevent bacteria accumulation.

2- It is an extremely necessity to comb your dog regularly, it removes dead hairs and also keeps your dog's hair shiny and healthy. You should pay attention not to hurt sensitive areas like back and bottom parts, this will help you to gain your dogs trust. 3- Dogs need to be washed at regular intervals, for puppies it will be sufficient to wipe with a warm, wet soft touch towel until it reaches a certain size. After washing your dog, leave it in the tub/ shower for a few minutes to get rid of excess water by shaking own furs. Then dry it quickly with a soft towel. You can also complete drying by keeping the dryer remotely in low setting.

4- If you do not have experience with nail cutting, you need to learn how to cut your dogs nails from your veterinary or get help from a veterinarian. Otherwise, if you do this without knowledge, your little friend may get hurt and become angry.

5- Some type of dog furs need to be trimmed frequently. This has to be done by dog care professionals. If you unconsciously try to trim it, you can damage your dogs skin. 6- First of all, it should be known that all dogs, regardless of the size of a dog, need regular training and socialization. It will make the dogs happy to take them to a park or an open area. If you have a female dog, you should be careful to separate it from male dogs during the rearing period to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

If you will own a puppy, it should be minimum ten weeks old to leave its family. By this way, it would have learn some skills such as playing and nutrition from his mother and siblings. While taking your puppy to home, take it with a transparent carrying box to see you or between your knees wrapped in a blanket.

One of the most important thing that comes to mind under the heading of dog care is toilet training. While training toilet, you should pay attention to the following: Before entering the house, make sure that your dog made toilet outside, if the weather is bad, you can spread a pad or newspaper in a certain area at home. When your dog makes toilet here, show your love and appreciation by hugging it. Do not face him kindly when he puts his toilet out of this area. When he finds out he needs to go out to make his toilet, you can completely remove it. In order to meet toilet needs, make sure to be strict about certain hours at regular intervals.

The general characteristics of dogs include various genetic personality. The first characteristic feature that comes to mind talking about a dog is undoubtedly the feeling of loyalty. Dogs who are tied to their owners who meet their needs regularly, obey the commands they receive from them without question. In this direction, they continue their lives with the order and habits that you have learned to them.

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