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Pet-ture has come up with the idea of creating pet friendly design products with an architectural aspect on the contrary of the nests we are used to see, not hidden but highlighted by  two animal lover interior designer. In the design and production process, we really enjoyed developing different models under one defined conceptual integrity.

We give chance to share our products with your pets with some models that combine several purposes in a common usage. We aim our products to become an object to your home by combining the warmth of natural wood with quality handcraft.


In design of our products, we paid attention to maintain ease of use and cleaning. On PET-TURE products, we use water based varnish and washable cotton cushions. By their brake wheels, you can easily move and place at different spots of your home, as you please. By the adjustable stoper, that is delivered with the product, you can immobilize at its position.


As PET-TURE, with the motto of “animal friendly design”, we believe that we can increase your joy of living together, by creating comfortable and aesthetic living spaces with our friends.



They graduated in 2012 from Bilket University Interior architecture and Environmantal design department, that they studied together. After their graduation Irmak started her professional life. Ece, completed Milano Instituto Europa di Design' da Interior Design - Master program. The two friends, gave life to their childhood dream of “animal friendly design” under the brand of PET-TURE, while continuing their professional lives in İstanbul. 

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