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Dear Visitors, Customers


We would like to inform you about your rights with regard to our Rules of Confidentiality, Communication, Our Website, Personal Data Processing and Personal Data Protection Law number 6698.



On our website (, the confidentiality of visitors-customers, protection, processing-using-destroying of personal data, commercial electronic communication and other issues are under the current Confidentiality Rules-Policies and Rules of Application mentioned below.


Protection of Information

The company (referred to herein as ‘PET-TURE’) took the necessary measures related to the security of visitor/customer information and the operations on the website through technical/administrative data protection methods within the system based on the information that will be used and/or the operation that will be carried out.


All credit card operations and confirmations on our website are done independently and online between you and the relative Bank or Credit Card Institution. Information such as Credit Card ‘password’ cannot be seen or recorded by PET-TURE.


Information related to membership, product purchase and information update, such as confidential credit card and bankcard information on our website, cannot be seen by other Internet users.


Purpose of Information Processing and Personal Data Handling


Your contact and shopping information on our website and other personal or non-personal information can be processed by PET-TURE and its partners – business partners, successors, service providers and other third parties (including social media-networks and online advertisement operator for legitimate benefits based on all legal principles and personal data protection-destroying policies related to personal data processing and measures to protect confidentiality through methods mentioned below and in the personal data regulation without detriment to your basic rights and freedoms such as customer services related to products that you bought/interested in, the right to benefit from consumer rights and other advantages, fulfillment of commercial-financial-legal responsibilities and liabilities, product promotion, advertisement and communication of any nature, sales operations and providing information.


Thus your personal information provided for PET-TURE and other mentioned organizations, can be subjected to written/magnetic archive registration, storage, safekeeping, protection, being retrieved, used, updated, changed, combined, reorganized, classified, disclosed, shared, transmitted, transferred both in the country and abroad and other processes stated in the personal data regulation (referred to herein as ‘processing’ or ‘process’) due to legal reasons and in order for you to benefit from general and customized products and opportunities, and to promote, advertise, communicate, sell, market all kinds of products, and to provide information through automatic/non-automatic methods within the maximum legal period and the time needed based on the nature of information that will be processed and an additional permission will be asked for certain practices if mandatory by law.


All personal-non personal information related to visitors/customers who visit, shop from, navigate and click on the e-commerce website belonging to PET-TURE (location data, products interested in and product and cost information) can be retrieved through appropriate technical methods from bluetooth and general-private wireless networks if the relative functions of the devices are enabled and can be processed, transferred both in the country and abroad by the organizations in the above mentioned paragraph.


Identification On Our Website (Cookies,etc.)


Various kinds of cookies are used on our website. These are identification information such as; session cookies, permanent cookies, mandatory cookies, functional cookies, analysis cookies, commercial cookies and third party cookies.


Cookies are small data particles placed in computers and mobile devices which help proper functioning and development of the website, customization and improvement of user experience, and/or sending commercial-social notifications and transmitting general or customized information, advertisement and promotions to website users/visitors both in the website or in websites belonging to others (including social media-network and online advertisement networks)


Cookies are kept within computers-devices within the maximum legal period and based on their purpose.  


Visitors (including Members-Customers) who use our website are considered to have accepted the abovementioned practice, meaning the processing of identification information mentioned here, within the personal data regulation and in other parts of this notification based on the stipulated purposes and conditions of various information (including transferring/sharing to and used by third parties).


Visitors can remove cookies from the programs and/or operating systems of their devices and/or Internet browser and/or stop the mentioned notifications at any given time (In this case, users must acknowledge that we won’t be informed of the functioning of our website/relative device/program)





Our aim is to provide you a top quality service. Therefore, as PET-TURE we can send social, commercial and other electronic notifications to our Visitors/Customers through SMS, push notifications, automatic calls, the computer, telephone, e-mail, post, fax (if it is enabled on your device) in order to communicate promotions, advertisements, sales and marketing related to all kinds of products through bluetooth and other general-private wireless networks and other electronic communication tools.



Your Processed Personal Data – Your Legal Rights Related to Communication and Your Personal Data


We would like to inform you that while you can contact PET-TURE Data Analyst on issues related to personal data collection methods and its legal reasons, the purpose of processing, to whom and on what purpose that the data such as; name, last name, residence, address and delivery address, invoice information, payment methods, mobile phone number, device name, type and codes, identification (cookies, web browser marks-information, IP address, etc) e-mail address and location will be transferred, you also have the right to demand to learn whether your personal data was processed and get information, whether it fits the purpose of use, the third parties who received it both in the country and abroad and to demand information about the situation, a correction in case the data is missing or misprocessed, removal or destruction of data based on legal conditions and methods and to notify third parties about the situation and to object to an outcome that is against you as a result of an analysis of your data by automatic systems and to demand an indemnification of a loss in case it is processed illegally.


While PET-TURE has the right to partially/completely destroy (erase, destruct or anonymize) personal data in accordance with the relative legislation and personal data protection-destruction policies, our Visitors/Customers also can stop personal data processing and/or the commercial electronic notifications by contacting PET-TURE through the below mentioned communication channels and carrying out the necessary legal-technical procedures.


Personal data processes and/or notifications through stated channels shall be stopped based on the enabled notifications-demands within maximum legal period (personal data processes or notifications allowed-obliged by law or that we are liable to shall continue). Upon Visitors/Customers permission, information apart from those that should be and/or could be legally protected shall be erased or destroyed or anonymized in order to erase identification. Appeals and demands on these issues can either be accepted within the maximum legal period or will be rejected upon explanation on legal ground (All rights reserved).


(Cookies and notifications in your computer and devices and the steps to manage them are mentioned above.



Third Party Internet Websites


Our website may contain bulletins or advertisements which include third party website links. PET-TURE is not responsible of third parties’ confidentiality policies and content. If you are going to use third party websites through our website, we advice you to read their confidentiality policies before carrying out any transactions.


Shopping and Other Consumer Transactions


If Visitors/Customers decide to buy a product/service as a result of the above-mentioned notifications and/or communications, promotions and advertisements, the transaction is also subject to the consumer agreement signed with the relative vendor/provider. The consumer agreement is valid under its own conditions and between its parties.


When shopping on our website the preorder form – distant sales agreement (if any) that you will see in every transaction shall be valid.

Website Content Rights


All intellectual-industrial and property rights except those that belong to third party of all kinds of information and content and their organization, revision and partial/complete use belong to Irmak Seküçoğlu and Ece Baç.




PET-TURE reserves the right to make all kinds of changes both in its confidentiality, personal data protection-use and destruction policies and website conditions and products, services, opportunities, campaigns etc; these amendments shall be valid upon announcement on PET-TURE website or through other appropriate methods.



Our Visitors/Customers can contact PET-TURE through communication channels mentioned below regarding additional information on all issues, demands and complaints. The demand must be made within a procedure (method-timing-means) due course of law and the procedure in question must be followed under necessary conditions.

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