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What Are The Significant Diseases That Your Cat Suffer?

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Diseases is the one of the main issue that should be learnt carefully. Its obvious that cats which live at home have lower risk to get sickness than the cats live outside. However, owners of cats should be careful to be avoid the risk of sickness as well. The food containers of the cat living in the house should be cleaned regularly and the sand should be changed frequently. Cats are constantly moving beings who love to interact with others. This can increase the risk of disease for cats. In order to protect cats from diseases, individuals who feed cats must first keep away from crowded and dirty environments. Especially for cats circulation areas, dirty areas (streets, litter, etc.) are places with high risk.

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Examples Diseases that can be occured on Cats

Cats generally have the 12 most common types of disease. These diseases may not be occur in all cats and may be end by healing.

Diseases generally occur on cats;

  • · Cat Fever; sneezing is one of the important signs as similiar to human beings.

  • · Stomach Diseases; which generally caused by eaten things.

  • · Urinary tract infection; it is usually seen in male cats.

  • · Kidney diseases; although not very common, the effects can be severe.

  • · Diabetes disease; it is a discomfort associated with the type of food consumed

  • · Conjunctuation: seen in the eyes.

  • · Ringworm; it is a skin condition.

  • · Ear infection; develops as a result of bacteria in the inner ear.

  • · Hyperthyroidism; seen as a result of weight loss.

  • · Intestinal inflammation; caused by interference.

  • · Rabies

Ways to Protect Cats from Diseases

Many different diseases can be seen in cats, such as those mentioned above. Precautions are nessesary to protect cats from those diseases. First of all, you should be very careful about the full vaccination of your cats and the vaccination schedule. Remember that missed vaccines are harmful to your cat's health. Make sure that having clean food, beacuse generally many microbes is transmitted though foods. It is very important that your cat wanders in a clean environment, and if possible observ closely with other creatures. There are many microorganisms harmful for them in unclean environments

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