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Our cats, our closest friends, deserve good care like all kind.

Although, cat care is quite easier than the others, you should be careful to their health while looking after them.

If you are preparing yourselves to adopt a cat for the first time or if you already have one, this article is going to be helpful about the things you should be careful about their care.

• As soon as you adopt a cat, you should take them to the vet for an internal and external examination. You should have the vaccines by the vet approvals and follow the vaccination dates by the report card given by your veterinarian.

• Cats regenerate an average of 2 times a year, and molting can be seen at different levels depending their species in that case should brush your cat regularly. Because they can swallow excess fluff and have problems in their stomach.

• The food containers of cats should be washed regularly and their sand changed at regular intervals. Food feeders materials should be stainless steel, ceramic or glass which are washable materials .

• The nutrition of your cat is another important issue to be considered for cat care. Hair of cats which are fed with high quality and sufficient amount of food, become brighter and their eyes will be more shiny. Overfeeding causes obesity and liver problems. Therefore, it is recommended to use a food measure according to the age of the cat.

In addition to dry food, you should also give wet food at certain intervals. Unfortunately, wet food is fast food for cats thats why continuesly feeding your cat causes some health problems. Using wet food rarely, such as at the moment to make happy your cat or rewarding them.

Another significant point is controlling their water, and replacing fresh water regularly.

Kitten Care and Toilet Training

Pet Ture / Yavru kedi bakımı

if you show the sand container several times and rub their paws, an adult cat can easily learn. Apart from that, this is not the same for the kittens, because toilet training for a kitten is generally given by their mother, but if they were separated too early, you should help the kitten go to the toilet. You can meet it’s toilet needs with the help of a clean napkin or cotton fabric. If you care a kitten, you should also pay attention to their eyes because, burrs or bites may appear on their eyes. In this case, you should consult a veterinarian before intervening yourself. When kittens are 8 weeks old, external and internal parasite vaccines can be given. Your cats should be vaccinated regularly, especially parasitic vaccines are vital for cats.

We wanted to give you various information about the points to be considered in cat care and nutrition. If you take care of your cat while paying attention to these items, our best friends will be quite healthy and cheerful.

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