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Is It Right To Spay Dogs?

No doubt one of the most loyal friends of mankind, should need a good care. The birth rate of dogs is so high that it is impossible to provide suitable living conditions for each of the puppies born every year. Millions of dogs are homeless and some in the shelters. There are not enough homes or families to own them all. Therefore, planned reproduction in animals such as humans is required.

A quality life is the right of every living being.

In dogs that are not spayed, the risk of diseases such as “pyometra” (inflammation of the uterus), which is very dangerous as well as uterine, ovarian and breast cancer, is very high. There is a risk of developing testicular cancer and prostate diseases in non-sterilized male dogs. By sterilizing your dogs, many serious diseases. It is possible to prevent 90%.

Is it right to neuter dogs?

Neutering your dog can benefit the animal both physically and emotionally. As you protect it from many diseases, you can create a more beautiful and livable environment for it. However, of course, it would be best to get help from authorized veterinarians in order to make the best decision about your dog.

Benefits of Dog Neutering

Benefits of Dog Neutering Surprise puppies are prevented after sterilizing your dog. You can consider the possibility of developing testicular cancer and prostate disease by neutering your dog. Neutering reduces the chances of fighting with other animals.

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