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Dog Bathing At Home

Dogs are the known as the closest friends of humankind, who are need to be healthy and well-cleaned . The bath habits of your dog that you take care of vary according to the breed, type and age. For this reason, some dogs love to bathe and play with water, while others hate and run away from the water. That is why some breeds need to bath frequently. Some breeds do not need any washing other than washing twice a year, but you should know your dog well and act accordingly. Dogs should not bath before they are at least two months old. Bathing before two months can cause serious harm to your dog. When bathing your dog, it is recommended that you use the shampoos specially produced for dogs, because these shampoos are specially made for your dog's sensitive skin.

Why is Bathing Dogs Important?

Cleaning of dogs is very important in terms of being healthy and well-care. Dogs are not creatures that are oftenly bathing due to their nature being. Their skin is extremely delicate and sensitive. Therefore, when bathing your dog, it should be 4 to 6 weeks after the previous bath. The optimal bathing interval for your dogs ranges from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on their breed and age. For this reason, washing the dogs too often may cause more damage to their already sensitive skin, resulting in a wide range of diseases.

How should dogs be washed at home? You should wash the dogs by avoiding frightening them. The bathing period and routine should be taught like a child. Especially in hot weather, your dogs will like to bathe.

What are the signs that your dog need to bathe?

• If your dog starts to itch more than general.

• If your dog shakes its tail

• If your dog's hair looks pale.

• If you take your dog to street walking very often, you may need to bath your dog more often.

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